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Pro Mobility Testimonials

"I've been working with Igor for over 10 years.....He's been very key in keeping me flexible and injury-free."    


-Chris Harris, Jr.

NFL Super Bowl Champion

4x Pro Bowler

PROactive Athletes

Pro Training Testimonials

"When you are on the trampoline you are CHALLENGING YOURSELF but also have the control and balance to land in proper position to prevent injury."


NFL Free Agent Cornerback

"This is one of the BEST DECISIONS I have made for my career because I can build muscle, get my cardio in without beating up my body."


NFL Free Agent Wide Receiver 

"This training helps not only with my EXPLOSIVENESS, but also being a person who is recovering from a knee injury, the low impact helps my recovery and decrease inflammation in my joints."  


Dallas Cowboys Defensive Tackle

"HILI Pro Training has made me more aware of the imbalances in my body by using the trampoline which allows me to FIRE ALL OF MY SMALL MUSCLES without the impact of other workout surfaces." 


Dallas Cowboys Defensive Tackle

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