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For those SERIOUS

about increasing flexibility...

Coach Igor created and developed his unique assisted-stretching sequence several years ago.  As a gymnastics coach, he knows all about stretching! But he also knows you don't need to be as flexible as a gymnast - and you're probably not looking for that anyway.  



Most likely you just want to increase your flexibility so you won't be sidelined.  


Great!  Igor knows what to do.  He'll put your body into positions which mimic those of your sport so your body can handle that position during game day.  
















Everyone who's experienced a mobility session with Igor says it's far superior to any massage or stretching session they’ve ever had.  They end up telling their teammates and friends who - once they have their session- agree completely. 


Mobility sessions with Igor are completely booked - which is why we no longer offer booking appointments online.  BUT... he's been busy putting together a course for those who want to learn his technique.

If you want to learn Igor's method for increasing mobility, sign up for his course

HILI PRO MOBILITY.  Once you are certified to perform this mobility training, you too can find your own clients and travel the world helping athletes in all sports - just like Igor.

And hey, maybe he'll ask YOU to be part of his special team of mobility technicians who travel with him to perform sessions on large groups like professional teams. 

These people think you should do it...


" Make sure you get with Igor....We need more people out there to continue to learn and continue to do what Igor does, because he's the best."


              - Jamal Adams,                    

 NFL Safety 

Seattle Seahawks jersey #33 worn and signed by Jamal Adams
Igor and Jamal photo

"The more people out there that can do it  - the better.  Igor only has two hands so he won't be able to stretch everybody.  I highly recommend it.  


              - Anthony Brown,             NFL Cornerback

Igor and Anthony Brown photo
ANTHONY BROWN giving his testimony
Jersey #30 worn and signed by Anthony Brown of the Dallas Cowboys
CHRIS HARRIS, JR giving his personal testimony
Jersey #25 worn and signed by Chris Harris, Jr. of the Los Angeles Chargers

"Igor's been very key in keeping me flexible and injury free.... I expect his method to get out there nation-wide and be able to continue to uplift the kids just like he's been able to help me."  

- Chris Harris, Jr.

    NFL Cornerback


    Super Bowl Champion 

    4x Pro Bowler

Igor and Chris Harris, Jr. photo

I'm so excited about the concept of Igor training additional people to do this and get the certification.  We need more Igors! He can only do so much and this can help so many people. .....I think it's a great opportunity.  And we need them!

- Breann F.

Awesome Wife and Mom of 2 Teens

BREANN F. giving her personal testimony

 Personal Invitation

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