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HILI PRO TRAINING is an athletic training company based near Dallas, TX.

Athletes choose one (or more) of our 3 PROGRAMS to stay in peak condition:  





PRO TRAINING allows athletes to experience an innovative cardio and strength training workout with high-intensity, low-impact exercises performed on a full-sized competitive trampoline.  Along with the basics, athletes perform sport-specific exercises.  Sessions can be taken with a group or privately.  Sessions normally last between 30 minutes to an hour - depending on the size of the group.  Most athletes attend sessions at least 2x per week.  








PRO MOBILITY puts athletes through an assisted-stretching sequence.  These sessions can last from 30 to 45 minutes or even 1 hour based on the needs of the athlete.  Sessions are usually performed at the home of the athlete.  We recommend at least 2x per week.  







PRO RECOVERY allows injured athletes to continue strength and conditioning training on the trampoline along with mobility exercises.  All exercises will be adjusted accordingly.  





PROvide a Total Body Workout with Minimal Stress


During the 2011 NFL Lockout, several professional football players searched for a facility where they could continue to train in order to remain in top physical shape.  Those located in the Dallas, TX area found a gymnastics facility owned by Igor Carvalho, a veteran coach.  While allowing the players to train in his facility, coach Igor encouraged them to focus on increasing their flexibility.  He took many of them through an assisted stretching routine that is now known as Igor's Mobility Training, a routine he developed which extends the body’s range of motion.  Over the next few years, many athletes would travel to coach Igor to receive this special assisted stretching - preferring it to the typical massage or stretching services they used to use. 


In 2016, an injured athlete sought his stretching services. This athlete also mentioned how he couldn’t wait to get back to working out, but thought he had to recover first.  Coach Igor told him he didn’t need to wait; he could take him through a few trampoline exercises and promised he wouldn’t feel pain or do any further damage. Trusting Igor, he got on the trampoline and was shocked that he did not experience pain while working out. After recovering from his injury, this athlete continued to work with coach Igor on the trampoline and others soon followed. HILI Pro Training began to take shape with coach Igor developing creative and challenging moves every day. Word spread quickly among the athletes.



HILI Pro Training is honored to support athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, Boxing, MMA, and more.  HILI Pro Training is quickly becoming the preferred workout for many athletes.

Choose HILI PRO TRAINING to strengthen and lengthen your career.

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