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We know what you're thinking...

"I'm a pro athlete and I can't risk injury. 

Can I trust this?"


trampoline Training

Here is professional NBA player Buddy Hield.

Clearly, he's not worried about risking his career.

Buddy makes time for trampoline training whenever he's in town. 

HILI Pro Training
Evan Neal.jpg
Igor stretching TX Rangers' coach Jose Vazques

mobility Training

 Here is Jose Vazques, the strength and conditioning coach for the Texas Rangers. 


He needed to experience a mobility session to determine if it would be safe for his players.   

Jose's verdict: 


Experience matters

You're in trusted hands with Igor. 

His 40+ years of coaching experience will keep you safe.

He won't make you do anything your body isn't ready to handle.  

Igor's Top Tips  

  • Arrive at your session fully hydratedNO one wants you to pop a hamstring because you didn't drink enough water.  Lay off the energy drinks, and drink more water than you think you needMoist muscles are happy muscles.  

  • Get the rest your body craves.  You pros have lots of demands on your time, and you don't sleep as much as you know you should. But you'll be the one who suffers from an injury if you show up fatigued because you partied too hard the night before. Too many people depend on you so prioritize your rest.

  • Eat a balanced diet.  Sure, you can eat all the junk you want and still play great.  But just think how much more you could have done because you didn't gas out.  Feed your body what it needs and make more people in awe of your performance.



If you are dehydrated, fatigued, or deficient in other ways, the benefits of ANY exercise or therapy will be reduced and risk for injury will increase.  Igor's work is no different.  Do your part to stay safe.




Let's partner together to reduce your risk of injury. 

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